Player Manager points
Points(Total) Total Penalty
10 FL009 682.18 682.18 1887.26
2 Martina 675.82 675.82 1362.32
12 DON1113 662.7 662.7 1240.16
3 DonDonNew 658.02 658.02 1316.04
7 Игорь Безфамильный 655.14 655.14 1480.93
6 PETR1 654.6 654.6 1126.15
9 DON13 645.6 645.6 1185.57
1 PetrPerv 615.5 615.5 2462.00
5 DonDon1 608.9 608.9 949.26
11 Игорь Хаха 536.72 536.72 1610.16
8 DON113 435.71 435.71 729.80
4 61Ig 347.16 347.16 539.10
Total: 7178.05 0.00 7178.05 15888.75 0
Manager DON1113 Rank -
Match days: 3 2 1 Final protocol

Young Boys

Player Manager points
Points(Total) Total Penalty
Total: 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0
Match days: 3 2 1 Final protocol

Manager points
– Points, won in the «Best manager of Fantasy Football» tournament. rules play
Points (Total)
– The sum of manager points and contract footballers points.
– Points (Total), multiplied by an individual game coefficient.
– Individual game coefficient – consists of the game role coefficient and beauty coefficient. details
- These game events occur as a result of the influence of your brain match performance in the main Fantasy Football contest. rules play
To earn a penalty, given by a virtual referee, players of the team must score not less than 50 goals in the first brain match day in the main Fantasy Football classification; 110 goals in the first two days; 170 goals in the first three days; 230 goals in the first four days. Only 5 best results of the current day are taken into account. Also, the penalty is given if the team's player scored in a day 16 or more goals in the Basic Tournament/Overall Classification of the Fantasy Football. There cannot be given more than 3 penalties during a match. A goalkeeper will block the penalty kick if on that day he has more scored goals than the calculated value of the opponent team players (the value is calculated as follows: the sum of goals from 5 best players, divided by 5.5).
If 2 or more players score 16 or more goals, the penalty is taken by one, who has the highest result in Best Manager this day. If these parameters are equal, priority is given to the player with a lower ID, ​​i.e. to one who registered on the site earlier than others. In the case of a penalty be scored by team the author of the goal is determined by the same criteria.
Special signs
Those players who use contract footballers are marked with a star. details
The ball denotes a player scored a penalty.
The crossed ball denotes a goalkeeper saved a penalty.
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