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Football Race — guess the best football player of the day

The essence of the game is to select the most promising football player in one of the two positions (halfback and forward) and make a bet at him in Reals. To do this: put a “tick” next to the player, whose performance, in your opinion, will be evaluated in the largest number of the FTBL rating points . Then, next to the checkbox, specify the number of “tickets” you want to “put” on that player — and finalize your prediction by clicking the “Bet!” green button on top right. In case of victory, all participants who bet on this player will share the prize fund, in proportion to the set of tickets. The prize fund equals 85% from total sum of bets. The total number of tickets sent to each player appears in the rightmost column.

Bonus: on Saturdays and Sundays, the minimum prize fund in forwards tournament is 10 reals, regardless of the number of bets.

Attention: the cost of one ticket equals to 1 Real, and for your bid to be accepted, you must have a sufficient amount at your game account (see below). You can bet on a several players, as well as send additional tickets for the already “betted” players, but you cannot return your bets.

Important: you can bet for the coming three game days; betting is closed when at least one player taking part in this competition is “blocked” due to a coming match (that happens 1,5 hour before the beginning of match).

Prize fund:
Today: all bets are off
Tomorrow: competition is not carried out
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