What is Predictor?

Predictor is a brand new way to share your knowledge with the rest of the football fans. If you think that you know everything about football, share it with your friends and other football lovers and.... show all who you are!

The game is essentially simple: the system, which indexes the matches of the top national leagues, international and selection teams' ones, from now on allows you to predict not only the matches results but also the players' performance as well: will he play an average match? Will he do it in his best?

Who to predict about - is your decision, your own decision. But bear in mind that all the predictions that you make, will be available for everyone to discuss and comment and even challenge you in the blogosphere with their own point of view.

Who will demonstrate being a real football expert?

Are you ready to accept the challengue of FTBL players and get prizes for it?

How to start?

Enter the «Predictor» section (1, 2) and choose the forecast you are interested in among the available ones (3). You can also «comment» the predictions done by all the other users (4) as well.

How can I do my first prediction?

After having chosen a prediction, you should try to guess a concrete player's performance (5) and what will be the result of that match (6). This way, each time you fill a prediction «ticket», you make two different forecasts.

When the match protocol is updated, the system starts to run the predictions recount and points distribution. Predictions on player performance and forecasts for the match are calculated differently. Successful prediction on the player scores 3 points. A number of points earned on the correct score prediction depends on the total number of predictions for the match. Every prediction brings 1 point in the pool, and this fund will be divided equally between the succesful predictors.

That means. for example, if we have 1000 predictions made on the match, and 5 of them are correct, each of them will bring 1000 / 5 = 200 points.

If there is no winner at all, the points are reset.

What are red and green arrows for?

Every time you make a prediction about a player, you should base it on the average rating of that player (7). If in the next match the player plays a +/- 10% better than his average rating, that means that the player did it as usual (average result, no arrow); if he manages to do it a 10-50% better, that means that the player played better than usual (green up arrow); if he gets a 50-100% more, then he played great (average green up arrow); if he does it a 100% or more better, it means that he played wonderfully (biggest green up arrow). The same mechanism can be applied to red arrows, just in case you consider that the player is going to do it worse.

Just try it, it's very easy: make your prediction about a match result and if you want, leave a comment as well in the field below (8). Your prediction is ready to go! (9)

Can I make a prediction about any player?

Yes. You can send us your prediction about any player directly from his profile site (10), from his team squad (11) or from the right column (12), choosing his rating (13).

After sending the prediction, the system will publish it in your blog so that it was visible for all the rest of users and friends. Moreover, they can leave you a comment about your prediction or discuss about it. From another side, your prediction will also be available in Predictor main site, where all the users can join it and make their own prediction for it.

Is there any restriction about predictions?

Yes. You may know that the system «blocks» the players 1,5 hour before the beginning of any real match in which he takes part (including selection team if he takes part in it); the «unblocking» only takes place after the match updating in our system. You can not make any prediction about «blocked» players.

Moreover, every user can only make up to 5 predictions for chosen gameday. All the unused predictions will be lost.

Attention! Different tournaments have different restrictions on making prediction date .
1. In the overall monthly standings of Predictor all forecasts made for this period come into count. You can make a prediction for the match long before its start , you can make predictions for the next month - they all will be recognized. For example, if you make a forecast in January to the February match, it will go to February standings .
2. In the SuperLeague and FTBL League all forecasts made since starting the brain of a football match and coaching to calculate coefficients are included.



What can I do in case of doubt?

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact the FTBL support team

08:47:50-08:47:50 serv2