What is the Fantasy Football?

The essence of the game is to prove yourself as a successful manager, buying promising players who will gain the maximum of rating points. The successful team managers will receive prizes.

Register/authorize on site — and join the game! You can enter competition at any time.

How to create your fantasy team

Your full fantasy team squad should include 23 players: 3 goalkeepers, 6 defenders, 8 midfielders, and 6 forwards. No more than 4 players should be taken from any given club. You can take as many players as you want from any national team (but bearing in mind 4 players-per-club limitation). To form a successful squad, study the current day's fixtures and squads of teams that are going to play today. Use the green "Buy" button to take a player, or the red "Sell" button to get rid of him.

Attention! The system will “block” a player 1,5 hours before the beginning of a match involving his team (including national teams if he is part of it). Blocked players cannot be bought or sold.

Against whom and how do I compete?

On the Calendar page you choose any team from any match covered and tracked by FTBL site. With buttons BUY you can pick any player to your team, but no more than 4 players from each real club. If you want to get rid of player and chooe another one, use SELL button.

FTBL Championship

In FTBL Championship the best Fantasy Football managers compete with each in 7 groups. The duration of tournament is 1 game day.
Short description about the tournament rules

1. FTBL Championship is played in seven groups
(A, B1—B2, С1—С4). It is a pyramid-shaped structured tournament, with 8 players per group.

2. The duration of the tournament is 1 game day.

3. The goal is to collect during this time as much as possible Fantasy Football points.

4. The final distribution of places in the table depends on the simple sum of points scored during a certain tournament.

5. Promotion & Relegation. All 8 participants drop from Group A. Of groups B1 and B2 4 players from each group rise to Group A, 2 drop to league C. From the groups C1-C4 one best participant from each group go up and 2 worst are eliminated from the tournament. The best players of the Challenger List come up in the place of relegated from Groups C1 - C4. This Challenger List is based on the results of the Best Manager tournament for the current game day.

6. The best players of Group A win prizes:
1st place — 2 Reals
2nd place — 1 Real
3rd place — 0,5 Reals
4th place — 500 000 Playmoney

The 4 best players in groups B1 and B2 win playmoney:

1st place — 1 millon PM
2nd place — 500 000 PM
3rd place — 250 000 PM
4th place — 125 000 PM

And the 4 best players in groups C1, C2, C3 and C4 also win playmoney:

1st place — 500 000 PM
2nd place — 250 000 PM
3rd place — 125 000 PM
4th place — 62 500 PM



Each participant (account) can enter in any of the two tournaments (Weekday or Weekend Cup) or in both tournaments at once.

Before the start of the tournament, 3.3 Reals are written off every account funds (if the account appeared in both tournaments, then twice as much). Of these, 0.3 Reals is the site commission, the rest goes to the prize fund.

The prize money is distributed as follows:

In the preliminary stages (while there are empty entries in the grid), the winner receives a loser’s fee minus the commission of the site, that is, 3 Reals.

At the first main stage (when the empty places in the grid run out), the winner does not receive anything. Of these funds, the prize pool of the following stages is formed.

At the second main stage, the winner returns his bet plus gets an opponent's bet minus 10%, i.е. 5.4 real. The remaining 10% form a prize fund for the finals of both tournaments (Weekday and Weekend Cups).

In the next stages up to the final, the winner gets 6 Reals.

In the finals of the Weekday and Weekend Cups, 10% of the bets of the 2nd main stage are paid to winners. And unplayed bets (if there are more than 8 players in each tournament, they will amount to 24 Reals) go to the Superfinal prize fund.

What can I do if I still have questions?

Just ask your questions – customer support and experienced players will be happy to help you.


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