Fans championship (Brain Football)
Short description about the championship rules

To start playing Brain football you need first to choose your team.

1. What does “Fans Championship (Brain Football)” mean?
Brain Football is a championship played by fans' teams. In each team perform Fantasy Football players of the same base team. Consequently, these teams made of the best Fantasy Football players compete against each other.

In Brain Football, the following tournaments are running:

Super League (rules)
FTBL League (rules)
National Brain Leagues (rules)

2. Joining Championship (Brain Football)
All you need to join Brain Football is to join Fantasy Football. All the points you get playing Fantasy Football are summed up and counted in the Fans Championship.

3. Setting up the fans selection teams
Each fans' team is made of 23 players from the same base team with the highest score in the Fantasy Football Best Manager classification (in National Brain Leagues), or with the highest score in the Fantasy Football Best Manager classification (current stage) and points scored by the contracted players (with active contracts) (in Super League and FTBL League).

Consequently, the teams created this way have 2 rosters: the main and the reserve one. The main roster is made of the 11 best players, which will play in the brain matches as the strting line-up. They can be substituted during the match for the players of the reserve squad. (see rules below).

Each player of the starting line-up will be assigned a place. Each position has  its own coefficient, which affects the amount of points obtained in the Brain Match (see below).

In addition, there is a concept of a legionnaire. Legionnaire is a real player (Messi, Ronaldo, etc.) who can make a part of the brain-team. Legionnaires sign personal contracts with certain Brain Team, after which they go into the reserve squad. Based on the performance of his prototype in a real match, the legionnaire gets the sum of his points is multiplied by 15. i.e. if Messi in the real match earnes 20 points, legionnaire Messi in the Brain Team receives 300 points. After this, the legionnaire goes or does not go for the substitution according to the rules for common reserve players. Attention: only 5 legionnaires can play daily for any brain-team in any brain-match.

Line-up rules

Forwards: 3 Fantasy team players who scored the three biggest sum of the Best Manager points in the present stage.
Numbers: 9, 10, 11
Coefficient: 3

Goalkeeper: Fantasy team player who scored the 4th biggest sum in the present stage.
Number: 1
Coefficient: 4

Midfielders: 4 Fantasy team players with the Best Manager results in the present stage from 5th to 8th.
Numbers: 5, 6, 7, 8
Coefficient: 2

The 3 other best players.
Numbers: 2, 3, 4
Coefficient: 1

Each team also has a captain. It is the player of the team with the highest score in the Captain’s Tournament in the Fantasy Football current stage (from 1st to 3rd day of each month the results of the previous stage are used). At the end of each game day the system compares captains of opposing teams. The difference of their captain points is multiplied by 100 and then subtracted from the total result of the team whose captain scored fewer points.

The captain gets increased prizes for his performance in the matches.

The captain is chosen every day - it is the player, who scored  the largest number of points in the captain's standings on that day.

4. Performing Brain Matches

All the teams compete with each other following the schedule. A Brain Match is carried out during several game days depending on the type of the tournament.

During the Brain League matches, the main squad players obtain rating points in the Fantasy Football (the Best Manager classification) as well as with contracted players. These points are multiplied by the player’s position coefficient and summed in the end of each period (game day).

A detailed match report: all the information about match events and the points scored

Afterwards, the system analyzes the obtained points and calculates the number of goal scored. A goal is equivalent to 4,500 points in Super League; 3,000 points in FTBL League and 2500 points in the English Brain League.

The author ot the 1st goal is the player who obtained the biggest amount of points (ignoring coefficients) in the Fantasy Football Best Manager classification. A player cannot score twice in the same period of time; the second goal would be automatically assigned to the second best player, and so on.

Important: goalkeepers cannot score goals.

The players’ substitutes on the pitch happen according to the following rules:

Substitutions order:
1. The players who are blacklisted are substituted first – for the best players of reserves (the bench).
2. Those players who won no points during a current match day (and players who won negative number of points) are substituted on the reserve players if the reserve players won more than zero points).
3. If all previous substitutions have been made and there is a player in the first squad of the team who won less points than any of his teammates and less than the best reserve player (who won more points than all his reserve teammates) then the reserve player replaces the main player.

4. There is a limit for legionnaires. Only 5 of them can come from the bench during a game day.

Attention! In Superleague and FTBL League matches goalkeeper cannot be substituted. If he is blocked or left the team, his place remains vacant and the penalty cannot be saved.

Points for defining the substitutes:
1. Points, won in the Best manager tournament.
2. Points, won by contract players (only those points matter that are won in current contracts, but no more than two weeks since the moment of contract signing).

Game report and chat.
During the match, the system monitors and publishes all the information about the match, i.e., goals, replacements, etc.

Also you can discuss the game in the chat.

5. Prizes and awards
During the game the system monitors all the events and the winners are awarded with prizes. Details...

Important: the captain and the trainer get the amount of points multiplied by two.

6. Ranking in groups

During the tournament teams are ranked by total number of tournament points awarded for each fixture. If teams are level on points, here are the tiebrakers (top-down prioritization):

- goals scored (the more the better)
- total rating points scored
- total number of matches played

7. The boss of the team

1. Teams can appoint the boss – a member of the team who will be managing the team’s squad during the game.

2. The boss of the club, approved by the website administration, gets a chance to block those players who are suspected of unfair game. In the list of the players the boss checks the box against the names of those players he wants to block. The block is valid through the time when a player remains checked, but no less than a week since the day he was blocked. During that time the boss cannot unblock the player (for that matter the boss of the club needs to be very careful and take a balanced approach in terms of blocking players).
3. The system automatically checks whether this boss is connected with the team – in the event of restart the boss will lose his managing rights.

4. Any visitor of the website can see the list of the blocked players of the team – they are checked. If a player is blocked, he will not be in the roster. If the player is blocked during the match, being in the team squad, at the end of the match day he will be replaced by a player from reserves without the right of being replaced again. The blocked player cannot be appointed as manager of the team.

5. A blocked player can ask the administration of transferring him to another team without losing his points. In this case the transfer is operated regardless of the transfer window.

6. Any player can restart his team on his own account (choose a different club). In this case all his previous achievements as a player of fantasy football return to zero as all his playmoney. He rejoins the game with team initial budget of 1000. In team games a player in the event of restart is replaced by another player from reserves. In personal games on the day of restart a player has a null result. During 3 days since restart a player cannot be chosen as manager of this new team.Description about the Brain Football tournaments' rules.

7. Every team member can be blocked by boss specifically as coach remaining a regular player of the team.

Super League (Brain Football Cup)

1. Brain Football Super League is a competition of teams formed on the Brain Football basis. It is a play-off tournament for the 16 best teams.

2. The draw at each stage is arbitrary, without seeding the best.

3. Duration of each match is 3 game days. If there are empty days in the calendar, matches are extended for as many calendar days as needful.

4. The game is won by the team wich had scored more goals. The cost of goal is 4500 points. In case of equality of goals the amount of points scored in the match is taken into account.

5. Tournaments are overlapping - the next tournament starts simultaneously with semi-finals of the previous one. Thus, participants of the semi-finals pass next tournament.

6. In the Super League, unlike the other tournaments, the number of participants in each team is limited to 16 players. Team boss marks them before the start of the tournament, and the list remains unchanged to the end of it. If more than 16 players are marked, the first 16 of the list of candidates for the first team will automatically be selected.


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FTBL League

Top 14 fans teams form the Group A of the FTBL League. FTBL League is a double round-robin system (each participant plays all others twice). FTBL League teams are formed by the Brain football and Super League rules. Duration of one match in the FTBL League is two days. 

A goal's equivalent is 3000 rating points obtained. If the team obtained a negative amount of points, it will score an own goal (with the second own goal awarded if a team goes deeper than 3000 negative points).

During the championship, the standings are forming. When the championship ends, the three teams occupying the lower lines of the tournament table leave the championship and are replaced by the three top pretender teams.

Attention! Administration has the right to regulate the number of teams that are replaced by results of the championship. In case of insufficient number or inadequate strength of the pretender teams, the Administration may reduce the number of relegated teams.


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National Brain Leagues


In national Brain Football championships the cost of goal is 2500 points. Every game day the results of the 11 best players on the team at the end of the day counts, taking into account the "fractional" contracted players (which points are multiplied by 5) and Legionnaires (their points are multiplied by 15).

In the English Brain league - the only one of all the national tournaments - there are prizes in Reals. They are obtained by the 4 best account of each club. Criterion for payout is thesum of total manager points and points scored by contracted players of the user. Please mind that points are taking into account only if user played for his brain team this day. If he stayed on the bench, his points do not count.


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