Hello! You're at the football and gaming portal FTBL.com. If you love football, you can not only have fun, but also win prizes by playing in the team of the fans of your favorite club.

Feature of our website is the ability to play team fantasy football, the essence of which is to prove yourself as a successful manager by buying the most promising players. Cost of players is calculated using a unique FTBL Rating. It increases or decreases according to the results of real player (eg , Messi) performances in real football. Detailed ratings can be found here.

To start the game on our website you must select your favorite club for which you will play, competing against teams of other clubs fans.

Playing on our website, you do not just play by yourself, but takes place in the team of the fans of your favorite club, acting as a striker, midfielder, defender or goalkeeper according to your progress. Your team at the same time is taking part in three events - the Super League, FTBL League and one of the national championships. Players receive game currency - playmoney - for each match win. All matches are played on schedule. Tournaments are held in 2 round robins.

Playing in the collective fantasy football, which we call the Brain Football, you're like in a real football win many different prizes. You get prizes for goals, for the beauty (unique tactical decisions) and for winning high places in the tournaments.

There are many related games, at the site in which prizes are also paid.

how to play
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