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What does Football Lottery mean?

Football lottery is a free game where you get the chance of being lucky. Just imagine: what would it be, if the World Cup Championship depended only on series of penalty? Join any national team and challenge the other countries in a fight for real valuable prizes.


Let the strongest win!



How to start?

You can Join the game at any moment, but first of all you need to register / log in in the website. Then, choose your league (they only differ in their teams), your national team and your opponents in the game.



How does the match work?

The matches are carried out automatically and they consist of 5 penalties for each team. In case of draw, will be added another series of penalties until one of they win.



Many people consider that the Germans are the best on scoring penalties, while British are the worst. Is this true?

In our game, no. The results of our penalties are a 100% lottery. The chances of the players are identical, independently of the team and turn: the possibility of scoring is 75%.



I won, so ... what’s the next?

In case of victory choose your new opponent and continue playing in the championship. Your task is to achieve as many victories as possible with the less amount of defeats in the play season.



I won but I was no table to continue playing (I got disconnected, my boss entered, etc). Does it mean that my session is over?

If you were not able to continue playing, you will get the chance to do it the next time you launch the game. The game session expires only in case of defeat.



How many game sessions can I open?

There is a limit of 10 game sessions by day and player.



I achieved a major victory and became one of the championship leaders. What will be my award?

The championship is carried out at the same time in two leagues and takes place during a week. Those players who achieved the best results in the championship are awarded with prizes (and it doesn’t matter what is the league they are playing in).



What should I do in case of doubt?

Our support team will be glad to answer to all your questions.

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