Borussia v Nuremberg. Who will luck smile on?

Participants of the only today’s match of Germany championship Borussia Gladbeck and Nuremberg do not fight for high places. Nevertheless, the meeting is of undoubted interest to the game participants of FTBL Fantasy Football.

The players, whose rating may increase sharply, are in squads of both teams. Main candidates for the growth in the host’s squad are goalkeeper Logan Bailly and defender Tobias Levels. Both have a plank minus 3 points to the match as a result of the defeat 2:3 from Bayer in the middle of December. Those, who believe in Borussia victory, it is also just necessary to buy into their fantasy-team three leading midfielders Juan Arango, Michael Bradley and Marco Reus. In the today's game each of them needs to protect minus 1 point.

Those, who count on the good performance of Nuremberg, should pay attention to the defenders Dennis Diekmeier and Horacio Pinola. Their tasks are the same in the game minus 6.5 points. And all three attackers, taken part in the last game of the club, Albert Bunyaku, Angelos Charisteas and Christian Aygler have planks within the range of 0.29 to 1 point.

So, everything is simple, it remains only to choose a favorite. Nuremberg won 4 of last 5 face to face meetings, but Borussia stands in the table above and plays at home. As we see, any choice will be risky. But it is worth to risk; in case of success profits will be considerable.




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