The main tournament - to beat just two teams of opponents

Choose one of the upcoming real matches. Choose the games of any of the national championships tracked by the System, as well as matches of international club tournaments.

After the end of the game day, the points scored by your fantasy team are counted. You play against both participants of the real match you choose: they score you as many goals as they score each other in a real match; You score each of them one by one for 75 rating points earned by your team for the game day.

In other words, your team conducts two virtual matches, for the victory in each of which it is awarded 3 victory points, for a draw - 1, and for the defeat - none.

Important: you cannot withdraw a match request.

Attention! In case of cancellation of the chosen real match or its transfer more than for a day, a fantasy football team will count two technical victories in virtual matches.

Attention, bonus! Make a prediction for the chosen match - and, in case of a successful prediction of the number of goals scored by any of the teams, these goals will be credited to your team's account!

For example, you entered the final of the Europa League Atletico Madrid - Fulham and predicted the score 3-1. Result of the real match: 2-1. This means that you have guessed the exact number of goals of Fulham (1), and with Atletico you did not succeed. Thus, in virtual matches against these teams to goals that you earn, will be added to an additional goal.

So, suppose, after choosing a match, you scored 160 rating points - this is 2 goals per goal, "Atletico" and "Fulham". And taking into account the bonus heads - 2 + 1 = 3 goals.

At the same time, if you could guess the exact score, you would get 2 bonus goals (for Atletico's guesses) + 1 bonus goal (for Fulham) = 3 extra goals! In principle, in this scenario, you do not even need to score rating points to win your virtual matches - to win in them would be enough for 3 bonus-heads.

Important: In case the number of balls is predicted incorrectly, they are not counted in the score of the heads of the virtual match.

Captain's tournament

The captain of your virtual team becomes the goalkeeper, defender or midfielder, who collected the most points in the game day. A forward can not be a captain. After that, the captain's points multiplied by a coefficient equal to the number of matches in the calendar of the given day, but not exceeding 5 (ie for any number of matches from 5 and above the coefficient remains equal to five). Then the result is compared with the total points of your entire virtual team. The best of the two results goes to the Best Manager and all other tournaments. Thus, users who can not play every day will be able to compete with the rest. Suppose you can not sell and buy players in the next 3 days. Then you just need to type in your team the most promising players of each of these days, and the result of the best in each of the days, multiplied by the coefficient of the given day, will be taken into account in all tournaments.

Prizes: The top 100 participants of the captain's tournament receive 1,000,000 PM each month.

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