Who else plays today?

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Second half 0/0
Player Rating Pos. Nationality Latest game
Prediction Aleksandr Bandura 11.72 Goalkeeper Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Aleksandr Ilyushchenkov 0.00 Goalkeeper Ukraine
Prediction Maksim Beliy 21.75 Defender Ukraine 23/08/2020
Prediction Yuriy Romanyuk 17.34 Defender Ukraine 31/08/2019
Prediction Vadim Paramonov 8.55 Defender Ukraine 03/10/2020
Prediction Erik Gliha 7.60 Defender Slovenia 17/10/2020
Prediction Igor Duts 5.78 Defender Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Miloš Stamenković -0.21 Defender Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Valeriy Fedorchuk 35.66 Midfielder Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Yuriy Klimchuk 14.55 Midfielder Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Igor Boychuk 9.63 Midfielder Ukraine 03/10/2020
Prediction Ivan Brikner 6.55 Midfielder Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Rostislav Rusin 6.18 Midfielder Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Ostap Pritula 3.96 Midfielder Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Bogdan Orinchak 2.19 Midfielder Ukraine 23/08/2020
Prediction Yaroslav Martynyuk 1.50 Midfielder Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Rati Ardazishvili 0.00 Midfielder Georgia
Prediction Aleksandr Chepelyuk 0.00 Midfielder Ukraine
Prediction Andrey Korobenko 0.00 Midfielder Ukraine
Prediction Marian Mysyk -1.62 Midfielder Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Nikolay Kukharevich 11.82 Forward Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Daniil Kondrakov 2.02 Forward Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Stanislav Belenkiy 0.00 Forward Ukraine
Prediction Vladimir Zastavnyi -2.90 Defender Ukraine 27/09/2020
Prediction Bogdan Boychuk -3.21 Midfielder Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Andrey Kukharuk -3.92 Midfielder Ukraine 03/10/2020
Prediction Yuriy Kopina -4.55 Midfielder Ukraine 17/10/2020
Prediction Roman Mysak -7.00 Goalkeeper Ukraine 23/08/2020
Prediction Ivan Kalyuzhnyi -9.16 Midfielder Ukraine 27/09/2020

Who will score in the second half?

The essence of the Second Half game: try to predict who of the players will score in the second half of the match. Each contestant may take up to 5 forecasts by game on any player (unused “bids” do not carry over and will be lost). To name a goal scorer, you should choose a team in fixtures, click on it and tick a box vis-a-vis a player of its squad, which in your opinion will score a goal in second half. The system accepts predictions until one hour after the start of the match — that is, before the start of the second half.

For each goal scored by your chosen player you get points: 2 in case the player has a forward position, 4 for midfielder, 16 for defender. Points earned are added to the overall result of the tournament; the winners receive prizes.

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- A legionary with an existing contract is marked with a ball icon.

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