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Second half 0/0
Player Rating Pos. Nationality Latest game
Prediction Yann Sommer 91.69 Goalkeeper Switzerland 07/12/2019
Prediction Max Grün 0.00 Goalkeeper Germany
Prediction Matthias Ginter 87.48 Defender Germany 07/12/2019
Prediction Ramy Bensebaini 87.33 Defender Algeria 07/12/2019
Prediction Stefan Lainer 83.27 Defender Austria 07/12/2019
Prediction Nico Elvedi 83.22 Defender Switzerland 07/12/2019
Prediction Oscar Wendt 82.98 Defender Sweden 28/11/2019
Prediction Tony Jantschke 43.71 Defender Germany 01/12/2019
Prediction Louis Beyer 22.29 Defender Germany 27/10/2019
Prediction Denis Zakaria 91.31 Midfielder Switzerland 07/12/2019
Prediction Patrick Herrmann 67.82 Midfielder Germany 07/12/2019
Prediction Florian Neuhaus 67.59 Midfielder Germany 01/12/2019
Prediction Jonas Hofmann 62.35 Midfielder Germany 07/12/2019
Prediction László Bénes 56.13 Midfielder Slovakia 07/12/2019
Prediction Christoph Kramer 36.30 Midfielder Germany 01/12/2019
Prediction Tobias Strobl 35.39 Midfielder Germany 28/11/2019
Prediction Fabian Johnson 14.47 Midfielder United States 30/08/2019
Prediction Marcus Thuram 110.74 Forward France 07/12/2019
Prediction Alassane Pléa 87.56 Forward France 07/12/2019
Prediction Breel Embolo 79.35 Forward Switzerland 07/12/2019
Prediction Lars Stindl 67.90 Forward Germany 07/12/2019
Prediction Ibrahima Traoré 21.10 Forward Guinea 17/08/2019
Prediction Raffael 19.43 Forward Brazil 07/12/2019
Prediction Tobias Sippel 0.00 Goalkeeper Germany
Prediction Andreas Poulsen 0.00 Defender Denmark
Prediction Keanan Bennetts 0.00 Midfielder England
Prediction Julio Villalba 0.00 Forward Paraguay

Who will score in the second half?

The essence of the Second Half game: try to predict who of the players will score in the second half of the match. Each contestant may take up to 5 forecasts by game on any player (unused “bids” do not carry over and will be lost). To name a goal scorer, you should choose a team in fixtures, click on it and tick a box vis-a-vis a player of its squad, which in your opinion will score a goal in second half. The system accepts predictions until one hour after the start of the match — that is, before the start of the second half.

For each goal scored by your chosen player you get points: 2 in case the player has a forward position, 4 for midfielder, 16 for defender. Points earned are added to the overall result of the tournament; the winners receive prizes.

To join the Fans Team of your favorite club click "Join the game".

- A legionary with an existing contract is marked with a ball icon.

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