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Second half 0/0
Player Rating Pos. Nationality Latest game
Prediction Oliver Baumann 49.73 Goalkeeper Germany 20/12/2019
Prediction Michael Esser 38.47 Goalkeeper Germany 11/05/2019
Prediction Benjamin Hübner 59.28 Defender Germany 20/12/2019
Prediction Pavel Kadeřábek 40.15 Defender Czech Rep. 20/12/2019
Prediction Konstantinos Stafylidis 39.14 Defender Greece 24/11/2019
Prediction Ermin Bičakčić 39.00 Defender Bosnia and Herzegovina 17/12/2019
Prediction Stefan Posch 30.24 Defender Austria 17/12/2019
Prediction Joshua Brenet 21.11 Defender Netherlands 18/05/2019
Prediction Kevin Akpoguma 18.55 Defender Germany 13/12/2019
Prediction Robert Skov 60.43 Midfielder Denmark 20/12/2019
Prediction Florian Grillitsch 53.38 Midfielder Austria 20/12/2019
Prediction Havard Nordtveit 41.75 Midfielder Norway 20/12/2019
Prediction Sebastian Rudy 39.84 Midfielder Germany 20/12/2019
Prediction Diadié Samassékou 20.06 Midfielder Mali 20/12/2019
Prediction Christoph Baumgartner 14.89 Midfielder Austria 20/12/2019
Prediction Steven Zuber 11.74 Midfielder Switzerland 18/08/2019
Prediction Dennis Geiger 3.33 Midfielder Germany 20/12/2019
Prediction Andrej Kramarić 146.81 Forward Croatia 20/12/2019
Prediction Jürgen Locadia 70.98 Forward Netherlands 20/12/2019
Prediction Ihlas Bebou 69.06 Forward Togo 20/12/2019
Prediction Munas Dabbur 57.95 Forward Israel 15/12/2019
Prediction Sargis Adamyan 57.09 Forward Armenia 20/12/2019
Prediction Ishak Belfodil 52.47 Forward Algeria 23/09/2019
Prediction Philipp Ochs 3.04 Midfielder Germany 17/09/2018
Prediction Alexander Stolz 0.00 Goalkeeper Germany
Prediction Lucas Ribeiro 0.00 Defender Brazil
Prediction Robert Zulj 0.00 Midfielder Austria

Who will score in the second half?

The essence of the Second Half game: try to predict who of the players will score in the second half of the match. Each contestant may take up to 5 forecasts by game on any player (unused “bids” do not carry over and will be lost). To name a goal scorer, you should choose a team in fixtures, click on it and tick a box vis-a-vis a player of its squad, which in your opinion will score a goal in second half. The system accepts predictions until one hour after the start of the match — that is, before the start of the second half.

For each goal scored by your chosen player you get points: 2 in case the player has a forward position, 4 for midfielder, 16 for defender. Points earned are added to the overall result of the tournament; the winners receive prizes.

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- A legionary with an existing contract is marked with a ball icon.

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