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Computer football stadium presents Brain Football — innovative online competitions where — for the first time in the history – fans who love football and football statistics compete with one another.

Brain Football is based on the principles of sports forecasting and on the teamwork among the fans of football clubs. The competitions are free; the best players win prizes.

The team principle of Brain Football is the recipe of high engagement and loyalty of our audience. On the average, visitors spend about 15 minutes per day on our website, surfing more than 25 pages per day (and up to 50 pages on match days).

Brain-football is a competition that allows literally every Internet user to become a direct participant of Big Football, which definitely makes Brain Football a brand new sport — moreover, perhaps the would-be most massive in the world.



We are looking for cooperation with media sponsors and also companies that are interested in long-term partnership to promote their brands in the Internet.

Brain Football. Where the stars will rise

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Also, you can contact us via the forum.


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